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Northern Spotted Owl—Semi-Sheer Knit Dress with Fringe & Naturally Harvested Pheasant Feather Accents

Fallen Angels Jewelry

Hair by Salon Fluxx, Rozalyn Polecastro & Joe Paciorek
Make-up by Karen Koenig, Frances Mullozzi, Leticia Carrillo, Molly Lindenberger
Photos by Jonothan Mackoff/Alberto Gonzalez
Models: Jennifer Yi

Northern Spotted Owl

The northern spotted owl has been at the center of forest management debate because of its dependence on classic old‐growth forest characteristics for roosting, foraging and nesting, its role as an ‘indicator species’ for forest health, and the continual fragmentation and loss of its habitat throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The worldwide IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status for the Spotted Owl species is Near Threatened with a decreasing population trend. As the IUCN Red List does not track subspecies, this status is applied to species across its whole range in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Northern spotted owls are a medium sized brown owl characterized by a dark brown face with small white spots, and a round face that lacks ear tuffs. There are approximately three to five thousand pairs remaining in the wild, mostly in the states of Washington, Oregon and California.